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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  October 26, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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if you're up for a bigger trip rare michael jackson memorabilia is about to go on display in london. the m j display goes on display at the arena where he was supposed to give his final concert. among the item are his rolls royces, sequined jackets, gloves and contract with the jackson 5. first oprah, now madonna. construction on on a multi million dollar girls school in malawi. it will be calls the raising malawi academy for girls. it is 9 miles outside the capital. it will take two years to completes d cost about $15 million. madonna says she wants to give opportunities to under privileged young girls. the news keeps coming. shawn is in for brian with the "news edge" at 11:00. right off the top at 11:00 we're following break news in the district. a deadly shooting several people shot in southeast.
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this is video just back from the scene on 23rd and savannah streetsed. at this this -- street. at this pint we know one person was killed. 23rd street is shut down as police investigate. we have a crew on the scene working to get more information and layup date you when the information comes in. now to a developing story in afghanistan. 14 americans killed in a helicopter crash today. it is the deadliest day for the u.s. in afghanistan in four years. x 5's matt ackland is here with the latest on those two crashes. >> reporter: at this point the military is ruling out the possibility that these helicopters were brought down by enemy fire. still investigators are combing through the wreckage trying to determine what went wrong in each case. meantime today president obama spoke about the loss of so many americans. >> the news of the tragic helicopter crashes came as the president prepared to begin a meeting with his national security team on the future of the war in
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afghanistan. >> our prayers are with the service members, thevillian colleagues and families who loved them. >> reporter: in all 14 americans died, one helicopter crashed in the western part of the country tilling 10. the other accident took place in the southern part of the country. that's where two helicopters collided, killing four. in the western accident, u.s. officials say that helicopter had just lifted off after a firefight with afghan drug traffickers. >> after when they were flying away that's when the crash actually happened but we did go into this and remove an insurgent who was working with the drug trade in that particular area. >> reporter: anti-american violence continues in the country's capital. shots were fired and police used hoses to battle angry students who believe that american forces desicrated a copy of the koran. u.s. officials deny it and say that the rumor is being driven by the taliban. meanwhile all of this appears to be weighing on the president's decision whether or not to increase
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u.s. troops. some republicans are criticizing the president's delay in making that decision. but it appears the president fired back at his critics while speaking directly to the troops on monday. >> i will never rush the solemn decision of sending you into harm's way. i won't risk your lives unless it is absolutely necessary. >> reporter: security across afghanistan is beingamped up as the november 7th runoff presidential election near. taliban's militants have already spoken out saying they will attack anyone who votes in that ection, shawn. >> matt ackland with the story. fox 5 on top of a developing story in the district now. the gay marriage debate taking center stage. city council considering a bill that would legalize same sex marriage in dvenlth hundreds of people from both sides of the debate took turns voicing their opinions at a public hearing. bob sellers is live with the very latest. bob? >> reporter: shaurngs the district of columbia recognizes same sex unions
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but does not allow the ceremonies to be performed here. the d.c. counsel council is on the verge of changing that. joining six states that have legalized gay marriage. they stated their cases through tears. >> in my experience, most straight people do choose to treat us as though we were married. >> reporter: and with . >> iowa is handling this. i think d.c. can too. >> reporter: a majority of the more than 100 people who waed to be heard on this question tonight of whether to allow gay marriages to be perform legally in the district spoke out in favor of changing the law. >> i have fought against bigotry, injustice an inequality all my life and i see this as a cause of injustice. >> reporter: many church groups oppose the religious free tomorrow and civil marriage equality amendment act of 2009, making the same argument.
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>> a marriage is simple. between one man and one woman. and they have children. and the gay community, that can not be. >> this bill basically requires any church or organization like catholic charities that provides service to the poor to the community to comply with recognizing same sex unions and we can't do that. >> reporter: both openly gay members of the d.c. council are among the ten who support legalizing gay marriage. >> being who i am and having my background it is a moment of great privilege that i can be on this council today to see the beginning of this historic hearing advancing us one more step in the district of columbia towards human rights for everybody. >> reporter: with nearly 300 signed up to speak out on the issue a second public hearing is now slated for next monday, the full d.c. council is expected to vote on the matter by year's end, shawn. >> we'll stay on top of this one.
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bob sellers thank you. the "news edge" on a vicious attack in virginia. it happened just before noon in a desolate area lornd lornt -- lornton road. despite her attackers punches, this woman kept on fighting back. >> i'm glad that she did fight back at least to try to keep the guy from just running into her and robbing her. i also wanted to say that that's very unfortunate that something like that would happen to her in this particular area. >> late tonight we learned police have questioned several people and should be able to make an arrest soon. new poll numbers tonight in the race for virginia governor. remember bob mcdonald is wide nick his lead. a wash post poll has him with an 11 point lead over cree deeds. it is the largest margin for mcdonald this month. he has twice the cash on
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hand. deeds hopes a rally with president obama tomorrow in norfolk will help close the gap. collusion the security gap with new screenings for some train passengers. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> reporter: maryland police will be randomly checking lugg angle, packages and other carry on items at commuter train stations. the screens start friday at the stations on the pen, camden and brunswick lines. plan on extra time to board the train. the airplane missed its destination by 150 miles because the pilots wro their laptops? that's what investigators are looking into. they're interviewing flight attendants from the flight. they originally told the ntsb they were talking about airplane policy and lost track of where they were. 144 people were on board that flight. back here in maryland a baltimore cop suspended for pullingis gun while he was at a haunted house. investigators say a worker dressed up like the killer from the texas chainsaw massacre jumped out trying
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to scare police sergeant eric janick. he whipped out his gun and pointed it at the man's chest. he is now charged with assault. to a consumer alert. you know that baby einstein dvd that didn't make your child a genius? you can ge a refund. is that tory is ahead. speed cameras, red light cameras, are they really about safety or a money maker? wait until you hear how much one local government is pulling down. later, do it yourself made easier than ever. new online instruction manuals teaching you how to save cash. but first here's a quick check of the rundown. the "news edge" at 11:00 is back in one minute. 
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vaccine in a few months won't be too late. we have posted tonight's top five on click on web links. shawn. thank you. how would you like to get paid for your daily commute? money in your pocket just for driving to work. find out how coming up next. one sure way to lose cash on your commute. getting caught by speed cameras. if you think they're just a moneyd
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you could be making money just by commuting to work. think of it as cash for carpoolers many it's a three
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month pilot program sponsored by commuter connection commuters who currently travel alone can earn 2 bucks a day by starting or joining a carpool. you have to pass through one of the area's more heavily congested areas like the beltway and fil out a survey about your experience. is under web links. heads-up all you lead footers. according to aaa mid-atlantic the city raked in $36 million last year and now they've come up with a way to catch even savvy speeder. fox 5's paul wagner has the "news edge" on d.c. . >> reporter: speed cameras like this one as well as mobile cameras mounted inside police cars are catching as many as 58,000 speeders a month, taking pictures of vehicles and their tags. with fines ranging up to $200 per ticket the city is cashing in >> the program is designed to combat aggressive speeders and red
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runners. the irony is those numbers are increasing at least on paper. so some people are curious as to whether the program is really designed for trmgs transportation safety or public safety or whether it's there to generate revenue. >> reporter: according to numbers given to aaa mid-atlantic by d.c. police in fiscal year 2007 there were 238,000550 speeding tickets generating 17 million $830,000. by fiscal 2009 they had doubled to 49,000 tickets generating 29 million $916,000. in just in last fiscal year of 2009, there were 81 now 429 issues issued for a red light generating 605 -- 6 million
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$521,000. >> reporter: several people we talked to thought it was little more than a program to generate cash for the city. all but one declined to go on camera. >> for me it's more a safety issue because too many people are being hit by cars and buses and i think it's if everyone were to slow down, then maybe the cameras would help, you know, but at the same time, i do think that sometimes one thing, it is a employ for the state to double their revenue. >> reporter: the fixed locations are easy to see the street is lined with white stripes. it's the mobile cameras and police cars that catch you by surprise. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> paul asked city leaders why there was such a huge jump in revenue. we haven't heard back. awful the cash goes into the city's general fund where it can be used for anything.
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i hope you enjoyed today because it was absolutely bornlgs outside. >> we will have another gorgeous day this week. it's not tomorrow. tomorrow we say good-bye to the sunshine. a lot of clouds out there. wait until you see radar. thunderstorms are cooking up down by richmond. i'm seeing more lightning. all that activity is moving slowly north and east. i think it's going to past just south of d.c. but we'll have to keep an eye on it. some of the showers will be around and rumble of thunder but i think it will weaken as it gets closer. for the morning commute south and east of town let's check out max hd true view. not only can you see the showers beginning to close in on the souern suburbs but we're watching a developing area of low pressure off wilmington. it's not a huge nor'easter. but it is going to be traveling up the coast during the day tomorrow and that's why we'll have a chance of showers proimly in the first half of the day tomorrow. a break in the afternoon and then another round develops tomorrow night and into wednesday and that will have more substantial
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rain with it. what about temperatures tonight? check them out for yourself under cloudy skies. it will stay milder. mostly in the low 50s and upper 40s. d.c. about 49 degrees and leonard town 48. showers will be working their way up from the south and we'll have scattered showers around at 8:00 in the morning east of d.c. and south. 52 degrees at 8:00 in the morning. by noon we'll say spotty shoifrmz they may actually begin to exit as our area of low pressure comes up the coast. 5:00 i'll call for cloudy skies, 59 degrees. this will be a break between that weak area of low pressure off the coast and a stronger one that will begin to develop tonight. we consult the max hd future cast. at 11:00 tonight as the moisture comes up, i paused this at 8:00 in the morning so you can see the showers and potential thunderstorms moving across the bay. even some of the northern suburbs could get light rain out of that. as we go through the day that pulls out of town but
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we get into wednesday morning and our second batch is beginning to come up. light stuff for the most part. we're dealing with showers off and on until we get to the midnight hour wednesday into thursday when it begins to lighten up. thursday we'll probably have clouds but perhaps a peak or two of sunshine. thursday into friday looks like the dry side. we've got a world series game on fox. it's wednesday. it looks like there are going to be showers. 54 to 56 is the temperature range as the phillies head up to yankee stadium wednesday night. i don't knowful -- i don't know if it will be enough to cause a delay but there will be showers in the forecast. they're used to it by now. tomorrow, 60 degrees. clouds, showers early in the day. wednesday off and on showers will begin tomorrow night around 2:00. thursday, breaks in the over cast. friday looks great. i think that looks like the best day of the week. shawn, halloween is not bad. there will be showers but
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they'll be fast and it looks like it will be warm. i was look at trick or treat time. temperatures in the low 60s. lots of fun for big and little kids. >> brush your teeth. >> thank you sue. still to come at 11:00 from baking cakes like a pro to pulling off the perfect outfit the new how to website that can teach you just about anything you need to know and also save you some serious cash. we'll be i've had asthma for 12 years. 6 years. i've had asthma forever. i never knew why my asthma symptoms kept coming back...
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not sure how to fix your leaky faucet but don't want to call the plumber? michelle buckman shows you how to do it yourself. it can be as easy as surfing the web. >> reporter: 4-year-old alexa bernstein is a girl i girl. >> princesses and barbie dolls and all that kind of stuff. the cat is lost? i didn't know i had a cast. >> reporter: choosing her theme for the birthday was easy. >> we're going to do a princess party. >> reporter: but she didn't want a predictable sheet cake. >> i wanted to spice it up this year. >> reporter: a google search for princess cake turned up this how to video. >> they make you think you can actually do it. >> cut this one in half also. >> reporter: so without any cake decorating experience, randy followed the video step by step. and this was the result. >> i was really surprised it turned out so good. i make a bunch of different
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things and they turn out all right. this was the one i had the neighbors coming over to assassinated taking the pictures. do you believe i made this? it pretty much looks i think as good as the ones you can buy that they sell for however much at the bakery. >> reporter: in this tough economy more and more do-it-yourselfers are turning to the web for free advice and there is a new crop of sites more than happy to lend a hand. howcast and howdini are the new kids on the how to block, hoping to catch the youtube generation by using short, catch i videos that teach everything from uncorking a wine bottle to making a butter sculp texture. >> don't laugh. it is a true art form. >> reporter: the sites offer a row low decks filled with gurus from author to oncologist, make up artist to mechanic. and in some cases just beefl people with a little know how like this model who teaches travelers how to look fabulous in flight.
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this how to happens to be sponsored by jet blue. one the way the sites can afford to be freechlt online how tos are nothing knew nu. i wanted to know what makes them stand out. i chose a tutorial on how to make a professional looking arrangement with flowers purchased from a grocery store. >> take a nice tight color pallet. >> reporter: these are carnations. let's see if we can make them into something. the visual step by step helped. >> one little trick for sophisticated arrangements is have where the flower starts is where it should shit hit the top of the vas. >> reporter: i could pause the video when i fell behind and go at my own pace. >> i feel like i'mgoing as she said, sticking with one color. trying to do slightly different heights. it does take trial and error. >> reporter: in the end i was
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impressed with the outcome. >> it looks like a pretty nice arrangement. >> reporter: consider this your how to on becoming a diy pro with a little help from the web. >> all from a supermarket. >> reporte michelle buckman, fox news. we've put the link to the web sites on our website, coming up next at 11:00, a fiery meteor it's crashing to earth. the truth comes out about this amazing video. this amazing video. we'll explain when weouus fusce
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